Villaksauksjonen 2019 SWIMS City Hiker  

No cityscape scares the City Hiker, a complete package for the urban man on the go. Every detail is geared toward sturdy style, from the D-ring eyelets to the Italian leather highlights and the breathable knit collar. Inside, the gusseted tongue, waterproof inner bootie, and leather liner work in tandem to keep you snug. The EVA midsole and rubber outsole round out the picture of unsurpassed comfort and performance.

Our Motion Boots are made using nubuck leather. We recommend removing dirt and smudges with a rubber eraser. Lightly clean using a soft brush or suede eraser, taking care to brush in a single direction. A silicone or nubuck spray can be used to improve dirt and water-resistance. Air dry.

NB: Not possible to change size             size 43



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Str 43

1 SWIMS NOK 2700
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